Analytica Board and Executive

Dr. Michael Monsour


Dr Monsour is a medical practitioner with business interests in Queensland medical centres. He operates a medical management company that provides management support to medical practitioners and is also one of Australia's leading providers of software systems for Occupational Health and Safety and Medical Accounting.

Ross Mangelsdorf

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mangelsdorf is a Chartered Accountant with 32 years experience. He works with SME production, manufacturing and retail firms assisting them with business, taxation and management services, taking on the role of Chief Financial Officer for a number of firms. He is a director of a Queensland-based land development company and a chartered accounting firm.

Dr Peter B. Corr

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Corr has extensive experience in the discovery and development of medicines as well as the sale of assets to major multinational corporations. Dr. Corr Co-Founded and is Managing General Partner of Auven Therapeutics, a private equity firm pursuing a life science investment strategy where products are acquired, developed and then sold to multinational pharmaceutical firms. Dr. Corr was previously a Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at Washington University for 18 years. He then joined Searle as Senior VP of Discovery Research, and subsequently was President of Research and Development at Warner Lambert / Parke Davis and then President, worldwide Development at Pfizer, and Corporate Senior Vice President of Science and Technology at Pfizer.

Chelsea Cornelius

Chief Operating Officer

Ms Cornelius is a Mechanical Engineer(Hons) with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering with over 10 years experience in the medical device industry. She has expertise in product development, design verification/validation, risk management, process validation and quality assurance within a global regulatory framework. She is the lead developer of the PeriCoach, involved in the design and development, manufacturing, logistics, as well as customer related activities and data analytics. She won the prestigious MTAA Outstanding Achievement award in 2016, which recognises an individual who has contributed in an exceptional way to the medical technology industry in Australia.

Bryan Dulhunty

Company Secretary

Bryan is the founder of CoSA Life Sciences, a specialist Life Science company established for 20 years providing Company Secretarial, CFO, general management and strategic advice to life science companies. Bryan has extensive experience in the financial control of Life Science companies previously holding positions of Executive Chairman, Managing Director and CFO roles of various listed life sciences companies.