The Autostart Infusion System

With staff shortages a reality in today's healthcare environment, the quality of care is often determined by how a healthcare worker's time is managed. The Analytica Autostart Infusion System frees the healthcare worker to attend to more critical care areas.

The Analytica Autostart Infusion System is a simple and inexpensive solution to regular monitoring and refilling of burettes in intravenous fluid infusion.

The Autostart burette contains an enhanced float system that automatically restarts IV fluid flow following infused delivery of the predetermined amount of a required medication.

Please refer to the ASX Announcements for updates on the Autostart Burette commercialisation progress.

Autostart Burette Key Benefits

Use with Infusion Pumps

The AutoStart Infusion System is the first infusion system that allows modern infusion pumps to achieve their full potential.

A typical usage scenario is where the clinician wishes to give the patient a 150mL medicated bolus at a rate of 250mL/hour from the burette, and then return to the background rate of 40 mL/hour saline from the IV bag.

With a standard burette, the infusion pump will produce an alarm (e.g. occlusion, entrained air) once the 150mL bolus has been delivered from the burette. The nurse must then return to the patient, reset the alarm, open the flow from the IV bag, remove any air from the infusion line, set the new flow rate, and restart the infusion. Note also that any alarm can be quite discomforting for patients, so there may be a need to reassure the patient that this alarm is quite normal. Tedious isn't it?

Compare that with an AutoStart Infusion System coupled with any of the modern infusion pumps capable of pre-programmed flow profiles. Here, the 150mL @ 250mL/hour, then 40mL/hour after that can be programmed in advance. Once the 150mL in the burette has been delivered, the AutoStart function automatically restarts the flow from the IV bag at the background rate. No other burette is capable of this operation. The nurse is not required to intervene. The nurse would then be free to address other matters with only perfunctory monitoring of the patient necessary.

Flushing Feature

The AutoStart Infusion System can also be equipped with a flushing system which allows the needle-less injection port and the medication delivery syringe to be flushed with saline from the IV bag, without the need for additional flushing syringes or ampules.

Why use a separate saline ampule or pre-filled syringe to recover all of that valuable medicine, when you have an IV bag hanging right there?

With the AutoStart Infusion System's new flushing feature:

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